The DI Nick Morgan Series

You feel him watching you. You know you’ve got one chance. One chance before you die.

When DI Nick Morgan relocates his family to south England’s idyllic Gullhaven Cove, he is ready for a quieter life and a fresh start. His plans unravel when he discovers the body of a teenage boy in the master bedroom of his new home.

The death toll rises, including the decomposing corpse of a solicitor, dressed for her wedding which she failed to attend, local villains, and a predatory town councillor. Morgan is under pressure to replicate the success he enjoyed at the Met, but is distracted. He overlooks an important lead and is threatened with suspension.
Closing in on the perpetrator, he uncovers a secret which threatens his future happiness. If he tells – he will lose his family; if he doesn’t – he will lose his career.

What would you do..?

A midnight rendevous. An irresistible temptation. He knew she was a mistake. He was right.

Simon Dennison is Forest-Fox’s top salesman but his success generates rivalry and resentment. When his body is found in a dilapidated beach hut, wrists secured by pink fluffy handcuffs, Detective Inspector Nick Morgan and his team are drawn into the shady world of a man with a dark secret.


A new arrival at the Major Crime Unit creates turmoil in the Morgan marriage that has unforeseen and far reaching consequences. Nick faces a stark decision which will change the lives of those he loves forever. Family loyalty or personal happiness?


Which would you choose?

DI Nick Morgan has a stellar career at the Met with promotion on the table so why does he walk away?


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